Fixing Bad Credit on Your Own, Here’s How by

Bad credit can affect your financial viability. Applications for a new credit card may become difficult. Even an auto loan or any other kind of loan can be a hustle because of your bad credit reputation. Fixing your bad credit can be done by yourself! Yes, you read it right, the do-it-yourself credit repair is available for you; just continue reading this article by and surely you’re on your way for a better credit standing among lenders. 

But wait! Ensure that you avoid scammers promising quick-fix or overnight credit repair. It will be easy for you to spot a scam. For now, we’ll focus on how to fix your poor credit. 

Update your credit report

It’s very important that before you start fixing your bad credit you know where you stand. You can get your copies of full credit reports for free once a year, from all three bureaus like TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. These are the legitimate ones and try not to take a chance on other websites that offer these services as they may be deceptive. 

Dispute errors

Admittedly, bad credit is your mistake. But once you have received your full credit reports from these bureaus, scrutinize it thoroughly. Check your identity information and credit history. Evaluate major purchases, outstanding debts, and credit cards. Look for mistakes or questionable items in it. If you see one, dispute these errors. Make sure you have a copy of this highlighted discrepancies, gather information to back up your argument, and write a letter to the credit reporting agency that made the wrong report. 

Be financially smart

This means that you’ve accepted your financial mistake resulting in your bad credit. But you don’t have to do the same mistake again. Take charge of your finances smartly. By doing this, you avoid spending more of what you earned. Also, make sure you diligently pay all your financial obligations on time. Do proper budgeting and change your spending habits for the better. If you become accustomed to this, there’s no way for your credit score but to go up! It will also mean that lenders will notice that you have become a good customer. 

Check your credit card balances

Credit cards are one of the many reasons why people have bad credit. They don’t fully grasp the power of credit cards. That if you don’t use them smartly, everything can go wrong, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in debt. Make sure that you’re paying outstanding balances until they are gone. Once, you’re clean of these debts, ensure that you’ll change your practices and avoid these kinds of debts.

Avoid new credit

As much as possible, avoid applying for a new credit card. This is called good credit behavior as you can show restraint in the temptation of having a new credit card and using it again, unwisely. If you have that self-restraint and can use a new credit card with only necessary purchases, then lenders can notice this good credit behavior and they can report this to the credit bureaus with a good effect on your credit score.

By now, you know that bad credit is fixable. But it will have to start with you. Credit is not bad, as long as you smartly handle your finances. It becomes bad when you practice bad credit behavior. We hope this article guides you on your way of fixing bad credit yourself. But if you still have lingering questions you want to be answered, feel free to visit us at and will be happy to assist you.